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High-Throughput Analysis

GE Healthcare INCell Analyzer 1000

High Content Analysis

GE Healthcare INCell Analyzer 1000Image acquire

1.Lamp:Xenon 100W

2.Microscope:Nikon TE 2000

3.Objective: 4X/0.210X/0.45、 20X/0.4540X/0.6

4.Laser autofocus and CCD Camera

5.Environment control:CO2 and humidity control & Room temperature to 42℃

6.Auto stage move:6-96 well plate and slide


GE Healthcare InvestigatorGE Healthcare InvestigatorImage analysis

Workstation version 3.6

Developer version 1.8

First of all, to select the interested fluorescent signal

Then measure the selected part to get intensity, area, count etc.

The measured value can also be classified statistics



PerkinElmer EnSpire 2300

High-Throughput Screening

EnSpire Alpha 2300

Measurable category is ALPHA LuminescenceAbsorbance

(260nm, 280nm, 405nm, 450nm,
540nm, 595nm)

Suitable for the 96 and 384 well plate



FortiBio Octet RED96

High Throughput Biomolecular Interactions Analysis System

Octet RED96

1.Affinity Range:1mM-10pM

2.Molecular Weight:>150Da

3.Minimum Sample Volume:200uL

4.Maxmum Simultaneous Reads:8

5.Temperature Control:Ambient+4℃-40



BioTek Lionheart FX

High Content Analysis

LionHeart FX

1.Light sourceHigh power LED

        2. Focus mode: Image autofocus
        3. Camera resolution: 16bit grayscale Sony CMOS
        4. Objective:2.5X/0.12, 4X/0.13, 10X/0.3, 20X/0.45, 40X/0.6。
        5. Filter:DAPI 377/50X, GFP 445/45X, Texas Red 586/15X, CY5 628/40X
        6. Environment control:Room temperature to 400C.
                                                                  7. Automatic displacement platform:Observable 6-1536 plate、slide、
                                                             chamber slide、3.5 cm dish、6 cm dish、T25 flask。
                                                                  8. Image processing and analysis report using Gen5 software
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