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EnSpire Alpha 2300 Open to use

High-Throughput Screening

(EnSpire Alpha 2300)


EnSpire Alpha 2300 can detect Alpha technology releasing fluorescent signal. According to the different research needs, you can elastic design your experiment.


Intermolecular interactionTarget drug screeningCellular Immunotherapy, Enzyme activity analysis, Cell proliferation and Poison detection, Reporter gene detection.

Use principle

1.Can detect ALPHA Fluorescence 、Luminescence and Absorbent light.
   (260nm, 280nm, 405nm, 450nm, 540nm, 595nm)

2.Open to Chang Geng system colleagues usage in the working hours.
(Monday to Friday 8: 30-17: 00)

3.Please fill in the reservation form in Room 0906, 9th Floor, First Medical Building.

4.After the use, please fill out the use of the record form.

5.No instrument use fee, but please cherish to use.


Note:Using the EnSpire Manager Software

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