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LionHeart FX open to use [ 2019-10-18 ]

High Content Analysis

LionHeart FX

LionHeart FX


Automated camera system for cell fluorescence, bright field, high contrast brigh...

   In order to improve the efficiency of school research equipment analysis data, Core Instrument Center has purchased t...

Attune NxT Introduction [ 2018-07-17 ]

Flow cytometer “Attune NxT” Introduction

Attune NxT

Equipped with acoustic-assisted hydrodynamic focusing, the Invitrogen™ Attune™...

Octet RED96 Open to use [ 2018-07-17 ]

高通量生物分子交互作用分析儀Octet RED96


利用生物膜干涉技術BLIBioLayer Interferometry觀察生物分子間的交互作用,進行生物分子的定量與生物分子間動力學親和力的分析(kakdKD)。檢測結束後...

High-Throughput Screening

(EnSpire Alpha 2300)


EnSpire Alpha 2300 can detect Alpha technology releasing fluorescent sig...

Announcement: Experimental waste sterilization process

To ensure the safety of experimental waste sterili...
Acknowledgment [ 2017-11-14 ]

For improving our center research effectiveness evaluation basis, we are going to remind PI at center homepage and quar...