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Attune NxT Introduction

Flow cytometer “Attune NxT” Introduction

Attune NxT

Equipped with acoustic-assisted hydrodynamic focusing, the Invitrogen™ Attune™ Flow Cytometer is able to achieve sample-throughput rates up to 10 times faster than traditional cytometers (up to 1,000ul/min). This means that you can process samples more quickly and acquire sufficient events even from very dilute samples. In addition, the Attune Flow Cytometer accommodates no-wash, no-lyse protocols, allowing you to collect data on samples that have been subjected to minimal handling.

Optical Configuration:

4 lasers, 14 colors (+FSC/SSC)


·        Multicolor panels with minimal compensation

·        Immunophenotyping

·        Fluorescent protein detection

·        Cell cycle analysis

·        Rare cell analysis

Attune NxT Optical Configuration: 4 lasers, 14 colors(+FSC/SSC)

Attune NxT規格

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        3.Attune NxT 3_ Multicolor aquisition and compensation_English


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