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Octet RED96 Open to use

High Throughput Biomolecular Interactions Analysis 
(Octet RED96)


    The interaction between biomolecules and biomolecules was analyzed by BLI (BioLayer Interferometry) 
technique. Quantification of biomolecules, Biomolecular dynamics and Analysis of affinity(ka, kd and KD) 
were analyzed. After the test, the sample can be recycled.
Drug Discovery, Antibody Screening, Ligand Fishing, Binding Specificity, Protein Quantization, 
Molecular Recognition, Cell Signal Transduction, Proteomics, Vaccine Development.

Use principle

1.Participate in the relevant training hold by Core instrument Center and training center, and pass the
operation of assessment.Then can make a appointment to use.

2.Open Chang Geng system colleagues in the working hours (Monday to Friday 8: 30-17: 00)
booking to use. Four hours as a unit.

3.Please fill in the reservation form in Room 0906, 9th Floor, First Medical Building.

4.After the use, please fill out the use of the record form.

5.No instrument use fee, but please cherish to use.


NOTE: 1.Octet RED96 Regulation

           2.Octet RED96 Easy Operation Process

           3.Octet RED96 Application Form


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