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About us

About Instrumentation Center

1.    Goal and History

To improve the teaching and research quality, the "Instrument Center" that responsible for organization and management of facilities/instruments was set up in 1991. This center was then affiliated with Office of Research and Development and reorganized as “Instrumentation Center” in 2001. The goal of this center is to well-organize the facilities and instruments working system and also provide the research service to facilitate the progress of teaching and research in all disciplines.


2.    Member

One Director and four Staffs are included in the Instrumentation Center.


3.    Equipment

1. Cell Sorter “FACSAriaIIu” 2 sets.

2. Cell Analyzer “FACSCalibur” 1 set.

3. Multicolor Cell Analyzer “Thermo Attune NxT” 1 set.

4. High Content Analyzer “INCell Analyzer 1000” 1 set.

5. Automatic Cell Imager “LionHeart FX” 1 set.

6. High Throughput Screening “EnSpire 2300” 1 set.

7. High Throughput Biomolecular Interactions Analyzer “Octet RED96” 1 set.

8. X-ray film processor “Protec Optimax” 2 sets.

9. Sterilizer “GETINGE 733HC” 955 liters 2 sets.

10. Sterilizer “CASTLE M/C 3533” 250 liters 1 set.

11. Sterilizer “CASTLE M/C 3533” 110 liters 1 set.