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LionHeart FX open to use



Automated camera system for cell fluorescence, bright field, high contrast bright field and color bright field. Perform image processing such as stitching, overlaying, or background removal. Final analysis to obtain qualitative or quantitative data.


Specifications are as follows

1.Light sourceHigh power LED

2.Focus mode: Image autofocus

3.Camera resolution: 16bit grayscale Sony CMOS

4.Objective2.5X/0.12, 4X/0.13, 10X/0.3, 20X/0.45, 40X/0.6

5.FilterDAPI 377/50X, GFP 445/45X, Texas Red 586/15X, CY5 628/40X

6.Environment controlRoom temperature to 400C.

7.Automatic displacement platformObservable 6-384 plateslidechamber slide3.5 cm dish6 cm dish

8.Image processing and analysis report using Gen5 software


Principle of use

1.Open the Chang Gung system to make appointments during business hours (Monday to Friday 8:30-17:00)

2.Participate in the relevant education and training. After pass the operation assessment, then you can make an appointment to use it by yourself.

3.Instrument usage fee

Fee list

CGU Labs

Global Research & Industry Alliance

Non CGU Labs

LionHeart FX

Use by userself

50 NTD/hour

Entrust to use

750 NTD/hour

Entrust to use

1000 NTD/hour


4.After using it, please fill in the usage record form.

5.For detailed usage rules, refer to [LionHeartFX Usage Points]. Please cherish to use.


Notes: 1.LionHeart FX Usage Points

        2.High Content Analysis use fee

        3.High Content Analysis for use

        4.High Content Analysis Application Form


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